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Escape Room rules

Non serve arrampicarsi o spostare mobili

Do not climb on, or move furnitures

L'uso della forza non è MAI la risposta corretta

Brute force is never the right answer

I marker rossi indicano oggetti da NON toccare

Red stickers mean DO NOT TOUCH

Non guardate direttamente i laser

Do not stare into laser beams

Non è possibile fare foto o video all'interno delle stanze

No pictures or videos

Il gioco è monitorato ma non registrato

The game is watched, not recorded


What is that about?

One Way Out is an Escape and Adventure Room, a real-life game that takes place in themed rooms: find a missing person in the Mystery of Turin, beat a computer inm Bunker X, play against your friends in The Final Judgment, solve a crime in Cluedo. Your goal is to solve the mystery and exit the room.

How many players?

All our games are for 2-8 players team, except Cluedo that is for 2-6 players.

In what language is it possible to play?

All our games are in italian and english.

Is it possible to leave the room?

It is possible to leave the room any time during the game, but if you do you can not come back inside. You will be freed after 60 minutes anyway.

How long does the game last?

Each team has 60 minutes to solve the mistery. It is better to show up 10 minutes before the appointment to listen to the explanation and rules.

Is it dark inside the room?

Absolutely not. In some cases there will be some play of light but there always will be a good lighting.

Is it possible to bring personal belongings, purses and cell phones?

Yes you will bring everything with you. It is possible to bring cell phones inside but their use is not recommended.

Is it necesssary to show up early?

Yes, it is recommended to arrive 10 minutes earlier than the appointment to listen to the introduction to the game and the story.

How is possible to pay?

It is possible to pay cash, credit or debit cards after the game and paypal for coupon purchase.

A claustrophobic can play?

Our rooms are big and well illuminated. No game will increase the feeling of being trapped. The door will always be open for safety reasons and an operator will follow the game through cameras.

Is necessary a general knowledge?

Not at all. Everything you need to solve puzzles and games is in the room. You will need logic, curiosity and team play.

How much does it costs?

Check our prices in the home page.

Are there coupons?

Yes, check the section in the website.

Is it possible to organize team buildings and corporate events?

Yes we can organize any kind of events. Contact us to find out how to make your event unique and special.

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