Mistery of Turin, Escape Room. What happened to mr Lodovici??


The first Escape Room created by One Way Out and the most frequently played by our fans. A completely homemade and old-fashioned room. Enjoy the unique mechanical solution and the original enigmas. 100% One Way Out.
The story is about an engaging investigation looking for Professor Lodovici, a mix between a crime novel by Agatha Christie and the ad-venture of Sherlock Holmes, that will make you really feel part of the events.
The path has increasing difficulty; at the beginning, you face easier and quicker games and enigmas that make you understand better the rules and how to play. While the second part of the room is highly challenging  your team has to solve enigmas that require good communication and cooperation skills. Only the most attentive and brilliant teams can solve the mystery.


Mistery in Turin is the experience that we suggest to those who have never played an Escape Room before, because it is suitable for every-one, adult and families with kids from 5 years old.
The success rate of the room is around 12% so it is quite challenging even for more expert teams and for the sharpest brains.
Are you ready for your first mission?



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