The idea for this Escape Room came from you. After many requests and suggestions from our fans to increase even more the adrenalin levels we created something truly thrilling and breath-taking.
The Final Judgement, the first Escape Room in Italy that will make you compete against your friends; Two spaces – Hell and Heaven – with completely different, but equally challenging games, each with a scoreboard that ratifies unequivocally the winner of this epic challenge. Time lim-it 60 minutes.
The players create two teams, each of up to 4 people. Your goal is to recover the lost seal of your reign.
Your mission won’t be easy at all. On your path you have to overcome your sins and show your virtues.

Will you be able to pass the guardians and reach the glory?

An epic competition, the final challenge between good and evil, bet-ter than the best movie in your life, more intense than in the cinema. Don’t miss any detail, do not trust anything if not your adventure pals. Everything around you is misleading and brings you further from the solution: only your sixth sense and your intuition can save you!
Winner will have eternal glory, while losers will sadly have to buy you a drink.
The challenge has started – who will prevail?



Mistero di torino escape room enigma
Dov’è finito il professor Lodovici?

Mistero di Torino, l'enigma irrisolto- Escape Room

Your professor has disappeared, you receive a mysterious letter. Your adventure starts here.

bunker tecnologia politecnico intrappolato torino
Storm the Bunker

Bunker x escape room torino choice

A futuristic technology fell into the wrongs hands. Now the world is in danger. Conquer the Bunker and destroy it!

Solve Enigma!

The board game played live.
Can you find the killer, murder weapon and the motive?

The eternal struggle between good and evil has begun!