The greatest fans of the famous board game can breathe a sigh of relief, all the others get ready to hold it: the most intriguing and craziest investigative experience arrived in town!
Dust off your magnifying lenses and wear your best trench coat: for the next months, our temporary room becomes a real crime story.

Get ready to plunge in our Cluedo atmospheres and start your jour-ney in an adventure made of secrets, hidden clues and a surprising plot.
The funniest, most brilliant and absurd Escape Room in Turin will make you laugh out loud between a look and a lock.


You only have 60 minutes to successfully accomplish your mission and solve all the tasks of the most curious murder ever committed.
The entire world wants answers; every day new fake news appear on the web on this crime; the talk shows talks of nothing else; even David Letterman made a special episode on the story! The journalists from all the world are sieging and asking a lot of question to the but-lers lobby.
The candlestick manufacturers are reopening and getting rich selling special gadgets!
It’s up to you to solve the mystery and stop to all this!


Mistero di torino escape room enigma
Dov’è finito il professor Lodovici?

Mistero di Torino, l'enigma irrisolto- Escape Room

Your professor has disappeared, you receive a mysterious letter. Your adventure starts here.

bunker tecnologia politecnico intrappolato torino
Storm the Bunker

Bunker x escape room torino choice

A futuristic technology fell into the wrongs hands. Now the world is in danger. Conquer the Bunker and destroy it!

giudizio finale sfida logica divertimento da fare a torino sera
Heaven vs. Hell

Good versus Evil. Heaven against Hell. You against your friends. Who will succeed?

45 minutes to find guilty, weapon and motive!