Bunker X – Beat the computer


The second project made by One Way Out was born from a temporary high-tech room presented during the Innovation Exhibition in Turin sponsored by Supernova.

Bunker X is the result of a successful collaboration with a start-up of the Polytechnic of Turin that contributed to the birth of the room car-ing and refining the technological components and automating the mechanisms.

The result is just amazing  a remarkable Escape Room of its kind will astonish with spectacular lights and sounds effects and logical mathematical games. A path that really enhance the teamwork and the group’ brainstorming abilities while looking for clues and innovative solutions.
The lack of padlocks and the automated compartments guarantees a surprise after the other up to the very last second in a what is a emo-tional crescendo.


The room is suitable for all ages and never instil a sense of fear or dis-comfort. It requires high levels of cooperation and higher logical skills compared to the other Escape Rooms but the satisfaction to defeat the technology and conquer the Bunker X is priceless.

Only 5% of the players conquered the Bunker X.
Will you be among them?


Mistero di torino escape room enigma
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giudizio finale sfida logica divertimento da fare a torino sera
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Solve Enigma!

The board game played live.
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The only way to salvation is to defeat the computer by solving the puzzles.